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Upcoming Events

EECS/CASE Colloquium: Optimal Spectral Estimation via Atomic Norm Minimization

  • Dr. Gongguo Tang, Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines will present on Wednesday, Sept 13th in 4-201 Center for Science and Technology at 1:00 pm.

Awarded Proposals

  • Dr. Jianshun Zhang (MAE) received an award from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering titled “Developing a Test Method to Determine the Effectiveness of UVC Systems on Commercial Cooking Effluent”.

Funding Opportunities

Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement entitled Medium/Heavy-Duty, On-Road Natural Gas Engine Research and Development (DOE)

  • Oct 31; the objective is to address barriers to adoption of natural gas vehicles through early-stage research on medium- and heavy-duty on-road engine technologies. The programmatic goal is to enable natural gas engines that can cost-effectively achieve diesel-like efficiency while meeting current and future emissions standards.

Active Social Engineering Defense (DOD)

  • Nov 09; DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of automated defense against social engineering attacks. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.

Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs (The National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine)

  • The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is accepting applications for the 2018 Ford Foundation Fellowships Programs for Achieving Excellence in College and University Teaching. It seeks to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.
  • Application deadlines for the Predoctoral, Dissertation, and Postdoctoral fellowships vary. Please check the link for further details.

Generation 3 Concentrating Solar Power Systems (DOE)

  •  Jan 19, 2018; This FOA intends to develop integrated thermal system solutions to overcome the temperature limitations of current CSP systems, while lowering capital costs by enabling the use of advanced turbines and achieving a higher overall system efficiency in converting solar thermal energy into electricity.