College News Highlights November
Quadcopter in flight

Security Flaw Leaves Drones Vulnerable

Recent work by Syracuse University students and faculty shows commercially available drones can lose control or crash when exposed to radio frequency interference. Read more.

Students work on invention

Design, Prototype, Pitch—Introducing the Syracuse University Invention Accelerator

Students will devise an invention, then prototype and refine it in an immersive six-week program.

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Mind Readers

A collaborative team of faculty and students from across Syracuse University is using technology to read and analyze human emotion.

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Bhatia Appointed to National Engineering Committee

Professor Shobha Bhatia has joined the prestigious National Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering. Read more.

Nangia’s Blood-Brain Barrier Research Recognized

Professor Shikha Nangia’s research on blood-brain barrier tight junctions was recognized at the International Conference on Tight Junctions and Their Proteins in Berlin this September. Read more.

Experts Studying Distributed Energy Markets

An interdisciplinary team, including Professor Steve Chapin, is researching two-way, distributed energy market designs to assess potential security and privacy risks. Read more.

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