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News From The Center

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ILC Begins Summer Research

Law and business student researchers gathered remotely to start their summer work with clients last week. The team will look at the intellectual property, market, and regulatory issues relating to new technologies, and provide clients written research reports. There is still time to apply for the Center to complete research. For more information, email us at

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Off-Roaders Innovate An Environmentally Friendly Amphibious Vehicle

DVIN Industries is innovating an amphibious electric all-terrain vehicle to create an enjoyable ATV driving experience that is environmentally conscious. DVIN hopes to take the market by storm with its unprecedented design and lay the path to better the environment for future generations. To learn more about DVIN and its work with the ILC, click here.


IP/Regulatory Law Watch


USPTO Releases Information On The COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced its COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program, permitting COVID-19-related applications filed by small and micro entities to be put on a fast track for patent examination. Up to 500 qualifying patent applications will be accepted for prioritized examination and exempted from prioritized examination fees. The USPTO aims to provide final disposition of patent applications in the pilot in one year or less after it grants prioritized status. To learn more about the COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program, click here.


WHO Embraces Plan For COVID-19 Intellectual Property Pool

The World Health Organization (WHO) is embracing a recently announced proposal to create a voluntary pool to collect patent rights, regulatory test data and other information that could be shared for developing COVID-19 drugs, vaccines and diagnostics. The proposal was raised several weeks ago by Costa Rican officials amidst concern that some COVID-19 medical products may not be accessible for poorer populations. The goal of the proposal is to establish a pathway that will attract many governments and industries, universities and non-profit organizations to make various advances and innovations available for everybody around the world. To learn more about the proposal, click here.

WIPO Launches Tool To Track IP Policy Information In Member States During COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently launched a new tool that tracks COVID-19-related intellectual property policy changes or other measures being implemented by WIPO member states in their response to the global pandemic. The tool, called the COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker, is an information repository that will help stakeholders navigate changes implemented by the global IP community as it adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tracker includes a variety of policy information, including that many national and regional IP offices are providing extensions of time or grace periods for fee payments. The COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker launches with an initial group of a dozen countries and will be updated regularly. To learn more about the COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker, click here.

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Artificial Intelligence Symposium Recordings Available Online

The United States Copyright Office has posted videos of its 2020 symposium on artificial intelligence (AI). The 2020 symposium was titled Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and was hosted in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The symposium featured an international gathering of copyright and AI experts and focused on how the two industries intersect. The event highlighted topics including the administration of international copyright systems, the creation of visual arts, music and other creative forms, and the development of consumer goods and services. To take a closer look at the Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence symposium, view the videos here.


Around New York State


UR-Cornell Partnership Seeks To Bridge Diverse Approaches To Data Science

The University of Rochester and Cornell University have teamed up to create the Greater Data Science Cooperative Institute. The organization focuses on analyzing and extracting useful information from vast datasets, with a focus on applications in medicine and healthcare. The goal of the institute is to combine mathematical foundations to utilize different tools and viewpoints in analyzing the data to advance data science. The institute is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and will include a group of 27 faculty members spanning the two universities. To learn more about the Greater Data Science Cooperative Institute and its upcoming work, click here.


New York State Tech Company Receives $1.5M Phase-II SBIR Award From The Department of Energy

The United States Department of Energy has awarded a Phase-II Small Business Innovation Research grant to Qunnect, Inc., a deep tech company from Stony Brook, New York. The company, who aims to globalize quantum communications, operates in collaboration with the Brookhaven National Laboratory and ESnet and is a client of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program at Stony Brook University. Qunnect is currently developing a device suite to enable ultra-secure, long-distance quantum communications. The grant will enable the company to develop features to integrate and use these devices on standard telecom fiber bed infrastructure. To learn more about Qunnect and its grant, click here.

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NSF Awards Grant to Clarkson Professors Studying Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a one-year research grant to a multi-disciplinary group of Clarkson professors studying the risk of airborne transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The grant will enable the professors to examine how air expelled from the mouth during speech contributes to the spread of the virus. More specifically, the professors will delve into how specific speech utterances create high-velocity blasts of air at the mouth, sending virus-laden droplets over long distances. To learn more about the research and the grant, click here.

Precision Valve & Automation

Cohoes-Based Company Accelerates Production Of Ventilators and N95 Respirators

, a manufacturing company based in Cohoes, NY, was recently awarded $100,000 from FuzeHub’s COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants program. FuzeHub, the statewide center for the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership, hosted the program to accelerate the production of ventilators and N95 respirators in the state. Precision Valve & Automation will use its grant to support production of its PVA PREVENT emergency ventilator, an FDA-authorized emergency ventilator designed to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 respiratory failure. FuzeHub’s overall grants totaled $300,000 and were awarded to four manufacturers. In addition to Precision Valve & Automation, Spiro Devices from Brooklyn, NY, Environmental Composites in Utica, NY, and General Composites in Willsboro, NY each received grants. To learn more about Precision Valve & Automation’s ventilator work and the COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants Program, click here.

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Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Launches New Initiative To Expand Access To Testing In Low-Income Communities and Communities of Color

Governor Cuomo recently announced the launch of a new initiative to increase access to COVID-19 testing in low-income communities and communities of color. The state will partner with Northwell Health on the initiative and will create an initial 24 temporary testing sites in predominately minority communities in downstate New York. The initiative comes after state diagnostic testing and antibody testing surveys showed that low-income and minority communities are suffering the most from COVID-19. The testing expansion builds upon previous initiatives to address inequalities during COVID-19, including a partnership with Ready Responders to bring healthcare services and sanitation supplies to public housing. To learn more about the new initiative, click here.


Funding and Incubation Opportunities


NYFIRST Accepting Application for 2020 Grants

The New York Fund for Innovation in Research and Scientific Talent (NYFIRST) is now accepting applications for its medical school grant program. The program aims to encourage the recruitment and retention of exceptional life science researchers. NYFIRST will hand award up to $1.0 million to each chosen applicant, which may be used to support the establishment/upgrading of laboratories, to purchase capital equipment and specialized supplies, and as working capital. The goal of the program is to build upon basic scientific research to best find new ways to diagnose and treat medical conditions. The application for NYFIRST will remain open until July 20, 2020. To learn more about the NYFIRST grant program, click here. To apply, click here.


CNYBAC Medical Device Innovation Challenge Accepting Applications for 2020 Competition

The CNY Biotech Accelerator is accepting applications for its 2020 Medical Device Innovation Challenge until May 31. The program, which is funded by Empire State Development, will provide selected participants with work space, intensive mentorship, access to research partners and experts, and networking opportunities. Additionally, participants will have access to other CNY Biotech Accelerator events including the Concept to Commercialization Boot Camp and the NEXT Innovation Conference. To learn more about the 2020 Medical Device Innovation Challenge and apply, click here.


StartFast Accepting Applications for 2020 Investments

StartFast is accepting applications for its 2020 investment period. A unique, value-add pre-seed venture firm, StartFast seeks applications from early-stage, high-growth tech startups in a variety of industries. Chosen applicants will receive $50,000 in initial investment, followed by a potential $50-$750k in follow-on funding. By working with StartFast, startups can expect to find their product-market fit, gain early market traction, develop a scalable business model and raise larger rounds of funding. To learn more about StartFast, click here. To apply for its 2020 investments, click here.




Save The Date: CYNBAC’s Concept to Commercialization Boot Camp

Save the date for the upcoming Concept to Commercialization Boot Camp on October 15-16, 2020! The event will be hosted by the Innovation Resource Center, Empire State Development and CNY Biotech Accelerator, and Upstate Medical University. The Boot Camp will cover topics including business model canvas, intellectual property, manufacturing, business development, etc. To learn more about the Concept to Commercialization Boot Camp, stay up to date on CNYBAC’s events page here.


Save The Date: MedTech 16th Annual Conference

Save the date for the upcoming MedTech Conference on October 21-22, 2020! An event focused on bio/med, the conference will focus on bringing innovations to the market, tackling workforce challenges, and bolstering New York’s economy. Additionally, the conference will feature speed networking, a tech showcase, a C-suite roundtable, and several other activities. To learn more about MedTech 2020, click here.


Save The Date: NYS Innovation Summit

Save the date for the upcoming New York State Innovation Summit on October 27-28, 2020! The event, which is hosted by FuzeHub and NYSTAR, is aimed at New York State startups, developers, manufacturers and businesses looking to showcase and discover new and emerging technologies that support innovation and drive business growth. The Summit will celebrate the state’s leadership in technology-fronted economic growth and feature expert speakers in biotechnology, energy information, artificial intelligence and many other industries. Registration for the event will begin in spring 2020. To learn more about the New York State Innovation Summit, click here.


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