$1M Investment Establishes Stem Cell Research Activities

An investment from Sam and Carol Nappi provides a leading edge stem cell research laboratory on Syracuse University’s campus. Read more.

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Passive Liquid Flow Can Aid New Nanotechnology Development, Study Suggests

A new study, inspired by water’s movement from roots to leaves in tall trees, shows that a certain kind of passive liquid flow is remarkably strong.

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Certified Security by Design: Securing Devices in the IoT Era

Security is not considered in the design phase of many Internet of Things (IoT) devices, leaving them vulnerable to remote hacking.

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Scholarship Furthers Legacy of Water Resources Visionary

The Nelson L. Nemerow Memorial Scholarship has been established to support environmental engineering graduate students interested in clean water initiatives. Read more.

Engineer by Training, Financial Entrepreneur by Trade—Joe DiMauro ’02

Although he’s not working as a computer engineer, Joe DiMauro ’02 applies his engineering education in his career every day. Read more.



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